Our First Blog Article on Buy, Invest, Growth and Thank You

Our First Blog Article on Buy, Invest, Growth and Thank You

For the both of us, we know what life is like living in a big city like “Sydney”.  It’s an amazing place with so much to do and some great people.  It can also be quite a pricey place to live with traffic, rising costs of living, increasing expectations and having to stay healthy (while in the pursuit of becoming wealthy).  As the years passed for the both of us and we started our family, we found that unless you actively think, plan and work ahead – it can be easy to be left behind.

From the experiences, discipline and honour to serve as decorated NSW Police – as we grew our own businesses and entrepreneurial achievements we “Felt” what it’s like to have rising expenses, our weight increasing and having that constant fear of “Where shall we be financially 5, 10, 15, 20 and more years from now?”

This original fear inspired us to go on a journey to find the answers, work it out and PROVE IT for ourselves.  This started with learning Property, Finance, Weight Management, Mentoring, Entrepreneurship and as we changed the lives of ourselves and others – we just had to take it to that next level.

This is where the Concept of “Buy Invest Growth” came from and then we realized afterwards the initials on a funny note stood for “BIG”.  Our thinking at the time was “Big Wallets, Small Waistlines” and this evolved into the “Be Healthy, Enjoy Life” type of thinking.

As builders of finances, people and lives we thank you for reading our first blog and taking the time to browse our website.  We have a love for helping people with their Wealth, Health and Life goals be it one is starting out in life or even if one is established looking for the next level.

Contact us anytime if we can be of service!

Heath & Jedda Thompson
Wealth Building Consultants & Power Couple

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