Do I have time?

Do I have time?

Jedda and I went shopping on Sunday, it’s been a while but she needed a Bikini. I was going to say a new bikini, but it has been over 9 years since she last wore one.  That would be before she was pregnant with Shaun.  Well into SeaFolly at Castle Towers.  She had two picked out and she looked amazing in both of them.  Well being a woman and not being able to decide she ended up with both of them.

Now normally I would be saying, “You don’t need 2 (guys this is not a good thing to say to a woman on a shopping hunt) however our Isagenix Business has not only changed our physical appearance, but our financial position as well.

Now we are busy people.  Jedda has a full time JOB, and I have my Finance and Real Estate Businesses.  We also look after 2 kids and play sport.  If you are using the excuse that you don’t have time, then you are making excuses to remain in your comfortable reasonably happy life.  If you want to dream big, change your health and your give yourself some financial freedom by creating an on-going residual income them you will make the time now and reap the rewards for the rest of your life.  Because life is going to happen to you anyway.  The way you spend it is your CHOICE.

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