The word of the day is CHANGE

It was only Friday I was giving clients information about rates & bank offers – to wake up Monday to a completely different picture. There are so many variables out of our control that I monitor on a daily basis.

So what does that mean? This means you should really seek advice from a Registered Broker in the know.

When you are looking for a home loan, do you have time to call 30 Lenders and compare over 300 products.  Do you have time to research 30 different lenders to check what niches they fit into, or where you can or cannot qualify for a home loan?

Do you know who is offering Cash Back on Purchases and Refinances?
Do you know who is lending at with a minimal deposit?
Or who is giving bigger discounts with a larger deposit?
Does your bank have inside knowledge to what is going on in the Real Estate Market?

These are a lot of questions and I am being slightly cheeky – however 100% accurate in the complexity of finance today.

If you need a hand or have any questions please contact me – here to help.


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