Navigating the Cold Weather ahead for Investors

Navigating the Cold Weather ahead for Investors

3b2adab46582af9a4c6274735572ad2fAs winter is now here, there is also cold weather ahead for Property Investors.

With the government policy to reduce Interest only lending; many Banks have now changed the policy and no longer offer ‘Interest Only’ lending on loans over 80% of the value of the property.

There are still some that will (which is why you need to speak with a Broker who is experienced in the Investment market). These Loans however are becoming more expensive and its critical keep this in mind when setting up your finance options.
On the Up side, the banks are becoming hungrier for the Owner Occupied Loans with some good discounts to be found in this lending space.
The other good news is also that with the rise in housing prices over the last few years many Mums and Dads have accumulated substantial equity in their homes.  It is relatively simple to access this equity and use this as a “deposit” for an Investment Property.
Despite the Dooms Day media spruiking about a property bubble; Investing in Property remains one of the leading wealth investment vehicles available to us.

I am here to help and if you’d like to speak more or organise a meeting, please let me know.

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