Exit the Matrix

8f518930-7174-4fb2-a295-3a44523e5f06Do you remember the movie The Matrix? I totally love it and some of the key insights and thinking I learned in it, I apply to this day.
One key iconic theme of it is the Hero Neo (Keanu Reeves) meeting a stranger who offers him a look into an alternate reality. When he looks his concept of the world is blown wide open.
Ironically many people are like that (tragically) with their banking and finance. They have their own ‘view’ of how the world works, believing whatever the media or ‘kind banks’ will tell them. Does one just wonder in and hope for the best?
Is that because you have been conditioned into believing that they are the only choice?
Did you know that I deal with 29 lenders with over 300 home loan products? The range and choice out there in the market is far beyond what most people realise.
Stay tuned as we explore deeper into the rabbit hole friends!

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