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Heath Thompson is a Mortgage Consultant with Origin Finance who are considered to be one of the most respected Mortgage Companies in Australia with access to a wide range of lenders to help clients get the “Best” Loan Product to suit their style, needs and Investing Strategies.

Origin Finance has Mortgage Consultants across Australia and have helped thousands of people successfully invest in property and purchase their own homes.

Heath can help you avoid the “fun” of dealing directly with multiple banks and advise you of the best Loan Products that suit your objectives. In walking his own talk, it’s his job to help you with advanced Mortgage Reduction Strategies to reduce the time taken to own your home, reduce / eliminate fees and give you the flexibility and freedom you require with your Investment Style. He is based in the Castle Hill Office of Origin Finance (NSW).

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Security with Easy Home Loans

At Origin Finance, our mortgage brokers do the best to make it as simple as possible and give you a clear and easy to understand description of your options. We make choosing a loan easy by guiding you through the loans and mortgage maze!

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Finding Competitive Mortgage Rates

Many borrowers need assistance to negotiate the loan maze and identify the best mortgage rates for their circumstances. Within this article we list the most popular options.

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Origin Finance for Australian Finance

Benefit from our Australia-wide network of Origin Finance Loans consultants, all with expert knowledge on our vast choice of home loans, all experts at helping Australians like you achieve your homeownership goals. Our focus is on finding Australia home loans that are right for you, and assisting you in identifying the very best mortgage option.

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Make the right home or investment loan choice with our professional advice. Contact Heath today!

As testament to their professional service, many of Origin Finance’s loans are via repeat clients and from personal referrals. Customers repeatedly tell them this is because of their commitment to excellent customer service, professionalism, reliability and integrity.

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